Track your time anywhere

CloudTimr is a cloud based time tracker, allows you to track the time you spent on your daily activities. This application is multiplatform, you can access it with all your devices!


Simple time tracking

CloudTimr is a super simple time tracking software, the task management is very intuitive, you can start using the application in a couple of minutes. The application is in the cloud, so you don't need to install anything!



CloudTimr uses an innovative way to organize tasks, instead of have complex menus, you can group tasks using #hashtags, this makes the interface very handy and easy to use!



Tracking yourself is not enough to optimize your time, you need to access your data in a clear and easy to understand way, this is why in CloudTimr you'll find beautiful charts in the statistics section.



Offline Tasks

Because this is a cloud application, your tasks will be running also when the application is closed or the device is turned off. So you can just start a task and close the application, and when you come back you can see how much time is elapsed.

Double click Edit

Inside tasks page you can't see any edit button, however every field, name time and goal, of created tasks, is editable, just double-click on field you want to edit.


Groups are a way to group your tasks, to create a group just add one hashtag, a word starting with '#' character, on the tasks name, for people using Twitter, hashtag concept should be very familiar. For example, to create group 'myProjects', create a task with name 'Example task #myProject' and you'll see the group in the groups selectbox.


Sometimes you want to add a task that you will start in the future, todos allow you to create activities that aren't tasks yet, and start them only when you are ready. You can also use Todos like a classic to-do list, taking advance of the hashtag base grouping.


It is very useful to be notified when a task with a goal reached that goal, so let the application notify you with a desktop notification. The first time the application starts, it will ask you if you want to activate notifications, if you refused the first time, just go to User -> Settings page and reactivate them. If you activated notifications, but when a task reach its goal nothing happens, go in the browser settings under contents settings, and verify that notifications are enabled for


Likely you want to save daily status of your tasks and CloudTimer helps you to achieve that. At the bottom of the tasks page, you can see a Download button, this button export tasks in csv format, with the date of the current day in the file name. If there isnt any group selected, all the tasks will be exported, otherwise it exports only tasks of the selected group, adding the name of the group to the file name.